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The Ugly American

12 May 2015

Awesome video from Daniel Steinberg about learning Swift. Don’t take it as something limited to learning Swift from Objective-C … It is way more general!

The Mediocre Programmer

12 May 2015

Inspiring talk from Jacob Kaplan-Moss about the Technology Myth and Gender Equality

Swim Calculator is Out!

13 April 2015

Aggiornamento Master's Calculator

12 February 2015

Sono in revisione gli aggiornamenti del Master’s Calculator Italiano.

Master's Calculator International

12 January 2015

Will update soon with exact FINA points formula. It will use the cubic function:

Benvenuti al sito personale di Matteo Piombo!

21 December 2014

Qui troverete dei post generali relativi a me e alle mie attività.

Welcome to Matteo Piombo's Personal Web Site!

21 December 2014

Here you will find more general posts about me and my activities.